Want to start a GPS business?

Looking for a technology partner for whitelabelling GPS software?

  • Devices - Multi-device compatibility
  • Server - Complete server management
  • Interface - Whitelabelled solution with branding
  • Others - Consultation for other peripheral requirements

The Solution

We provide whitelabelled software with server for over 170 GPS protocols and more than 1500 models of GPS tracking devices so that you can kick start your GPS business without having to worry about the software implementations.

  • Plug and play system with 15 days TAT
  • Sales and support CRMs included for easy customer management
  • Well designed interface for ease of use
  • Expert technical support available round the clock

Cross platform integration

Once configured, your customers can access their fleet information from anywhere, anytime - be it at their office or on the go!

  • Full route tracking available
  • Multi-car tracking on maps interface
  • Details of any car on clicking it on the map
  • Simle and intuitive interface


Realtime Tracking

Know the exact GPS coordinates of all your vehicles on a map

Fuel Consumption

Exact fuel being spent on each trip right at your fingertips

Engine Diagnosis

All engine errors in your fleet listed right in front of you

Trip History

Access old trips done by your vehicles and drivers, just in case!

Tech Support

Always available tech support to address your needs


Get notified whenever your drivers are driving rash and are not on track


Plan better by knowing how efficiently your vehicles are running


Set up a geofence on the map and be notified whenever your vehicles cross it

Driver Management

Manage all your drivers' attendance and assignments with our integrated platform.

Cross Platform Integration

Access your fleet statistics anytime on any device - tablet, smartphone, desktop!


Cab Companies

Ideal for for both in station and out station cab companies to optimise routes, save fuel and track vehicle whereabouts

Logistics and Delivery

Instrumental in locating delivery and logistics cargo that saves companies much money by ensuring delivery on time

Government Vehicles

Useful for tracking government and public vehicles to avoid misuse and ensure better safety and security

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